6000 find

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! I was going to ask you for some details (not location but a bit about how you found it but I'm speechless as well so totally understand just the picture... wow.. thank you for posting this and thank you for being one of the first members on the forum..... this is a HUMONGUOUS find, well done!!!!!
Yea that size i don't reckon it would have to be.. they probably heard that on the moon when it went off... nice soil...

That's incredible that hasn't been found, you think you were on a virgin patch or just chance of those behind you not getting coil over the gold combined with your slow and methodical swing speed/experience?
Pushing in 2 weeks
Perfect, it's only 14 hours on Q.. do you need anything from America... LOL... (jk).... would love to see video if you do some and are willing to post it. I have 65 acres in Arizona and am on similarly good ground, we're very fortunate... isn't it nice having your land/lease pay for itself.
Be a couple of weeks before I can do anything, photo taken yesterday not far from where I am.
It's safe to say you won't be doing any dry blowing for a day or so. LOL, reminds me of here in Arizona less than 2 weeks ago.


WOWZA!!!!!!! Well done, that's YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE as Trump would say, well done.... glad to see that everyone's working through some of the early issues with the speaker noise fix and it's turning out to be a great machine, thank you for sharing.. well done!!!

Does that say 56.26 grams? :love:

Check out this beauty @Jonathan Porter

38.5 from 56.. ouch... that's a punch to the gut... but heck, over an ounce, I'll take that any day.. well done. Was it a reef, are you going back to find the source?
Just a floater in the laterite/ferricrete from a reef 300-400m away, have picked up many similar, smaller and larger over the last couple of years.