A fantastic comparison between the GPX 5000, GPX 6000 and GPZ 7000 with various coils


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This is a fantastic video... other than his audio levels being shit, him making a HUGE fail on telling us what setting he was using on one of the machines (did you catch it, here's a hint.... "Special" is not a timing, it's a selection on the end cap... you can get the answer by reading the comment I left for him in the video, provided he doesn't remove it). It was nice to see the differences using the new Nugget Finder coils on the 7000 and how close in power the 5000 has using Nugget Finder coils...

What did I learn...... the 7 is still the beast, the 5 (my favorite) isn't far behind and the 6 is a piece of rubbish... at least when it comes to finding beers.... LOL

What are your thoughts JP/Doc?

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