A good day was had by all.


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G'day all.

I made plans for today’s trip on Tuesday and Bob was the only one who could make it. He confirmed yesterday that he would be joining me and that he was feeling lucky. It was a nice cool 3 degrees according to the car sensor when we arrived. We got our gear together and Bob headed north and I headed south.

I received a text from Bob and when I saw that I thought he must have found something. It was a tiny piece but at least he had found something.

I eventually found a tiny piece and then a bigger piece a few metres away. We met up for a break and weighed Bob’s “tiny” piece of gold and he finally broke the 1 gram mark with a 1.6 gram piece of gold. It was nice and chunky for a small piece. He went home happy. I got a photo of it but it looks tiny as there is nothing next to it to compare.

I was fortunate to find another small piece of gold and ended up with 3 small pieces for the day. It was a real bonus as I wasn’t expecting to find anything.

They weighed in at 0.08 gram, 0.23 gram and 0.12 gram. Almost paid for petrol. I’m sure Bob had a big smile on his face all the way home.

Regards Axtyr.
Nice... you're banking eh? Thank you for the story, nice to see people still pulling good gold with the stock OEM coil. Everyone seems to forget just how good the included coils are... well done.

Winter down under, good on ya for getting out there in the cold weather. It's the middle of Arizona 120 plus degree temps at the moment, not a lot of people out hunting right now, just too damn hot.

120 degrees eh. Almost 32F here. I love winter for prospecting. It was a beautiful day out there today with just a bit of afternoon wind.
Off to Singapore on Sunday so probably won't get out again until August. I'm just glad Bob got a 1 gram + nugget. He's been at it for 5 years now and that is only his third or fourth piece.
Hi Jen. Back from Singapore 2 days ago and spent a day at our daughter's home as one of the granddaughters had grandparent's afternoon at school yesterday. The things we have to do.
We whinged about the heat over there all the time trying to keep in perspective the horror heat being experienced in other parts of the world, including where you live. How are you coping with the extremes in Arizona?

We had a good time in Singapore but it isn't the type of area I really enjoy visiting, although the swimming pool was very welcome. I prefer Europe for the architecture and history.

Hope to get out prospecting next week and find some more gold. Another member of the club has made up 2 more springs for the old Python, hopefully giving it a much lighter trigger weight of around 1.2 Kg instead of the approximately 2 Kg it is currently with the new spring. I'll let you know how it goes.

Keep cool and don't melt out there.

Regards Axtyr.