Am I the only one who finds it disappointing that the Axiom does not come with a car charger?


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Am I the only one who finds it disappointing that the Axiom does not come with a car charger?​

Problem solved.... I'm starting to wonder if Doc has spies in the manufactures facilities. I no sooner had received my Axiom when out of thin air this popped up onto his web site. A SUPER heavy duty power cord with USB adapters to plug in your USB type C cable to charge.... 14 AWG (American Wire Gauge), very skookum cable.

We've all enjoyed Minelab including a cable similar to this (smaller gauge wire on the Minelab) and where Doc saw a need, he created a solution....

I only have one gripe with it, when I saw the beefiness of the cable, I thought, that'll be GREAT for using with your 12VDC eski (cooler) etc as well.. but it appears, at least on mine that the cigarette to USB adapter is epoxied into the outlet. This is good actually, you're not going to lose it just be aware this is a dedicated 12VDC to USB adapter harness, if you want to plug in another cigarette plug you'll have to chip off the epoxy. Maybe Doc will offer it in two versions at some point, one for use with other things as well, no epoxied and one that is dedicated... either way, this is a VERY over built cable assembly and another example of Doc's Detecting Supply leading the way on goodies we never thought we needed but realized we can't live without, well done Doc.

Here's a link to the item on his site:

Check out the second picture... that's the cable you get with the Minelab.... look at the wire size.... I know which one I prefer... truth be told, I called Doc and said to him, "You really are over doing it on the cable, there's no need to run such thick cable for a USB-C charger, you could save some money on that"..... his response "My goal isn't to save money, my goal is to make a quality product that will last".

Touche..... Well played Doc, well played...

Note: I've also posted this in the accessory section.

Doc's cable.....


Below is what comes with the Minelab GPZ7000
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