Back with the GPZ & 12" NF - did he miss any gold? (Nenad Lonic, Phase Technical)


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Nenad Lonic has been a leader in our community for years, going back to his days working for Minelab and now owning his own company, Phase Technical Services, producers of the famous SDC-2300 Headphone Adapter and the SP-1 audio enhancing system (of which I own 2 of). I've invited Nenad to join the forum, hopefully he accepts as there are only a single handful of people with his level of knowledge or respect in this industry. I hope you enjoy this video and please check out his store and his services, he's a top bloke.

Links to items mentioned in his ad, these are not affiliate links, I or this board make no money from these, they are here as a service to Nenad and to this community:

Minelab GPX-6000

Minelab GPZ 7000

Nugget Finder Z-Search 12" Coil

(Note, below text is from Nenand's video description).
A return trip to the spot where he found five bits of gold with the GPX6000. Three were out of the one hole, and the other two were all in a line down the slope. Nenand brings the GPZ7000 along with the 12" Nugget Finder Z-Search. If he can run Normal ground type, he might be in with a chance of something a little deeper. Did he miss any the first time? You'll just have to watch to the end to find out.

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