Brrrr, it was cold.


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Hi all.

I had a pleasant day out at Castlemaine in Victoria, Australia. I haven't been out for a while due to illness and hopefully I will be better soon after my double whammy, colonoscopy and gastroscopy. Not looking forward to it but the discomfort is annoying. 4 of us have flogged this area over the past 3 years and I am surprised that there is anything left there.

I managed one small piece of 0.06 gram.

I couldn’t believe the number of pellets I found, all of which are number 9 shot at least. They look even smaller but I didn’t think they were made that small. I also found a couple of old percussion caps and a button as well as the usual assortment of .22 calibre projectiles. There was also a number of hot spots that I was sure were metallic signals but after digging them up they either spread out or disappeared.

A lot of junk from a thrashed area. The mind boggles.

Regards Axtyr.
Wow good job... yea it would suck bending down and digging with back side medical issues.. hope you feel better soon. Spring in the pew pew still working ok? I can't believe it took that long, I had a package sent from Greece that was HUGE and it was here within a week.

If you're still finding bird shot the place is still ripe for you.... but at a point you hit the point of diminishing returns... you have a big machine, go for big gold. LOL
The Colt is still going well. Just having a lot of trouble adjusting to the 4lb $5.00 trigger weight.
That's 4lb weights and a $2 and 3x $1 coins on top of the weight and it still didn't go off. Maybe an extra dollar would have done it. For my centrefire competition we have a minimum of 1kg trigger weight. I am thinking of trying to get someone to make another spring with a 1.2kg weight now that I have an unbroken spring. We have our club championships coming up over the next 4 weeks so after that I will check about it.

My guts have given me a lot of discomfort over the past 8 months so I am seeing a gastroenterologist on Tuesday and I am expecting at least a gastroscopy so may as well check out the back end as well. That's life. I was expecting the doctor to give me one for Christmas but Santa didn't arrive. I am sick of feeling sick.

I keep going back to that area even though the gold is small because I almost always find something there. There is a lot more area to explore over the hill but haven't explored it very well.

Thanks for your concern. I just hope the doctor takes me out for dinner after the procedure, it's the least he can do. LOL.