Can your Swing Arm do this? If not you're wearing yourself out.


Doc's Detecting Supplies
It seems that I am having a difficult time getting people to understand that the SAGA SWING ASSIST GUIDE ARM is not just another Swing Arm.

I defy you to do what I can do with the SAGA with any "swing arm" on the market. The Saga takes all the stress off swinging a detector because it uses my unique Pivot Joint that will not break, and the power of leverage.

But do me a favor, spend a couple of minutes and watch the YouTube video. Start at the 3 minute mark and watch the acrobatics I can make any detector do as long as I attach a SAGA to it. You'll detect longer, you won't wear yourself out, and you'll find more goodies. The enemy of concentration is discomfort. When you are uncomfortable you get distracted from hearing subtle targets. Make detecting easier and more fun.

The best part of the whole video is watching you pendulum swing like you're fresh off the boat. LOL