GMRS Repeater, Coverage Includes Gold Basin, Lost Basin +


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Hi folks... if any of you detect, ATV, off road etc in the Gold Basin, Lost Basin, Meadview, Grand Canyon West Skywalk, Stockton Hill Rd/Pierce Ferry Road corridor I wanted to give you a heads up that I will be deploying a UHF GMRS repeater with coverage in these areas. I have a repeater site on a VERY tall peak over looking the above areas and hope to get it on the air this year. If you do not have a GMRS license, now's the time to apply, they're very handy and there is no test. I already have the gear, it's a Motorola MTR2000 with a VERY high quality set of cans (duplexer) and I'm in the process of researching antennas and final installation. The area it is being deployed to is line of sight to Las Vegas so there's a potential to have coverage between the gold fields of NW Arizona and your wife's radio on the kitchen counter in Vegas, yet to see... but wouldn't that be cool eh?

The frequency has already been allocated and programmed and the PL is 141.3hz. If you are ever in this area I monitor all GMRS/FRS channels and 146.520 simplex (no PL) if you should be out of cell service and need assistance.

I will post here once the unit is up and running.

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