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This is an EXCELLENT write up on how to set up the Minelab Pro Swing harness, I use them on both my 5000 and my 7000 and they're great but Doc is so right in his comments here about how high it rides and it coming off the shoulder, I actually hate the thing but it does the job..... this post is from another forum but I'm sure @Doc won't mind me sharing it here with you all...... try his new Qwipple, rumor has it, it comes with a free handicapped parking decal for your mirror as well... (I love Doc's naming conventions) LOL

(Below written by Doc)
Literally everyone I have fitted their Pro-Swing as described below loves it.

1. I only use one strut, and forget the yoke use it for a boomerang. If you swing right handed then put the right hand strut together, if you swing left, use the left strut. Using both makes you feel like you are in a straight jacket. You don't need two. No one uses two hipsticks. You might want to mess around with two struts if you are swinging a monster coil.

2. The upright strut, adjust it out as far as it will go and use electrical tape to secure the adjustment by wrapping it around the rod.

3. Where the struts join together tape those as well.

4. Adjust the back strut so that strut runs tight against your rib cage, and tape the adjustment.

5. Take the vertical back strap and fold it over by at least a 1/3 of the Velcro type material. Forget about leaving it the entire length even if you're tall because the Pro Swing Struts are noy long enough to work properly.

6. Forget about wearing the harness the way you think it should be worn, with the belt at your waist, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

7. The belt of the Pro-Swing has to be fitted right below your man boobs. That's right, you're going to look like a ninny but you will soon see that the Pro-Swing is the duck's nuts. I'm sort of kidding but the proper position of the belt, but it has to be way way above your waist. It is fitted properly when the strut lifts the shoulder strap off of your shoulder.

8. In order for the Pro-Swing to work properly whichever side you have the strut on that strut and how you place the belt on your chest is critical. It must be adjusted so that the shoulder strap on the side where the strut is at is lifts the shoulder strap completely off your shoulder even with the weight of a detector attached. If you are right handed you should have so much clearance of that right shoulder strap sitting above your shoulder that you can take your left hand put it on your right shoulder and the strap should be above your hand. The strap SHOULD NEVER TOUCH your shoulder. If it does you defeat the function.

9. The entire concept of the Pro-Swing is sort of similar to a block and pully. The more times you redirect the weight of something the less force you have to use to pull the weight. The weight of the detector on the strut must never be interfered with until it is re-directed to the back of the belt. If the shoulder strap touches your shoulder then your shoulder is carrying the weight and it can not be re-directed properly. So basically the weight of the detector goes down the vertical strut and then is re-directed towards your back where it pushes the belt out and away from your back, that force is redirected to your chest area under your man boobs. LOL However, by that time the weight has been redirected and redistributed so many times you don't even realize the belt across your under chest gets tighter when the weight of the detector is being supported by the strut.

Look at the pictures. In the first picture you can sort of see that the right strap is up and off my shoulder. Also the positioning of the belt is far away from my waist, it is right under my man boobs, but I think it's that high because I am sitting down.

The second picture clearly shows that the waist belt of the Pro-Swing has to be worn high. It has to be high enough so you can see daylight under that shoulder strap where the strut is.

So don't give up on that Pro-Swing it's amazing, it's just designed poorly IMHO. Some day when I have the time and money I will do a Harness with a Support Strut System that functions properly without all of these hoops you have to jump through.



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