I was left empty handed


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I visited Tarnagulla today in central Victoria, a place I have never found any gold at all in 40 years. Wayne and Ian joined me. Wayne showed me his prize from a few weeks ago and it was a beauty.

Couldn't identify the metal but it seemed harder than aluminium. Buried about a foot deep. We then headed off detecting.

Within half an hour I received a text and I called Wayne and he told me he had found a 3 gram piece. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture.
After our break we all headed off again and another 20 minutes later I was sent a picture and I called Wayne abusing him for finding more gold while I still had never found anything at Tarnagulla.

It was actually Ian's piece in the picture. A very nice 60 gram piece found just off the side of the road.

At least they went home happy and I cried all the way home. I'm still determined not to let Tarnagulla defeat me.

Regards Axtyr.