It's your content, you can change it, ANY TIME!!!


Your Hostess
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What else do we NOT do that others do.... Don't you hate it when 15 minutes later you realize you have a typo in your post and go to edit it but it's locked, no edit button..... yea, site admins can determine how long to let you change your mind or correct an error... and they lock it down, they TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHT TO EDIT YOUR OWN CONTENT..... NOT HERE!!!! That is YOUR content.... as long as we do not see disparaging comments about a person then edited to make it look like it did not occur, then I will NOT be locking your posts down like you are a damn child... you're an adult, you own the content, it's up to you if you want to change it, not me, not a moderator....
Just one more thing that sets us apart from the others out there....
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