Man if someone could just make a cover for the AXIOM


Doc's Detecting Supplies
If only someone knew how to make decent covers. People that have the Axiom would probably love to protect their $4000 investment. Well don't get too excited but here's a little peek into the "What's Doc got cookin' now?" room. This is where the magic happens and the prototypes start to take form. This is not perfected yet, but we're getting there. Still need some mesh over the speaker, a flap over the little hole. The rectangular hole at the back isn't wide enough, but that will all come together the basic design is there.

If someone makes a better cover you should buy it. Oh no! If you look real hard you might see the prototypes for the Manticore and the Equinox 900 too. Don't tell anyone, it will be our secret.

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Looks good Doc, can’t wait to order one….