Minelab Price Increase, Tone Deaf Much?


Your Hostess
Staff member
What do you do when the economy's gone to crap, people are laid off and maxed out on debt, the worlds in a recession if not a depression and Garrett releases a PI machine that gives your PI's a serious run for their money, if you're Minelab, you raise. your prices of course.... almost as dumb a move as selling us all 7's for 10k then lowing the price several thousand thus pissing off all those suckers who took the bait on the first batch to hit the stores.

Below prices are AU dollars, 2 Zeds shown are probably with the 14 and the 19 coils.

When you make your money off military contracts and govt sales (codan and mine detection), I guess you're not hungry enough to give a damn about being competitive.... the 6k is an example of what this new Caterpillar style pricing gets you for quality now... line up sheep.