Noisy looters.


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I didn't know where else to put this so I selected survival, probably for the looters.

So, last night we were watching TV when I could hear some noise next door. I went out and could see lights in the backyard of my neighbor’s place. I peer over the fence and see 2 guys rummaging through the neighbour’s shed and stuff strewn everywhere. I eventually ask them if they’ve found anything interesting and we converse for a while before I walk off telling them the police are on their way. 10 minutes later they are still there and I open the roller shutters over the windows and check again and one is still there. I close the blinds then go down the side and out the front and they are crossing the road with their stash. We head off to bed and it isn’t long before the noise starts again. I check again and they are in one of the other garages so I call the police this time and go to bed.

Here in Australia things are a lot different, but I wish I could just let them know that if they were in America they would probably all have been shot before they knew what was going on. Very occasionally I will venture out packing some heat but it is rare and comes with very real consequences.

At times I wish I could just poke the Colt Python or S&W Model 41 over the fence and unleash a few rounds into the ground telling them to piss off. My neighbor hasn’t lived there for about 5 years now and there has been a procession of looters and squatters since then. Personally I don’t give a rats because he was never a sociable person to us and would even turn and look the other way if he saw us. He scared the shit out of me one day when he said hello without me even seeing him. At least if there were squatters it might keep the looters away and I am sure they would be better neighbours than he was.

Regards Axtyr.
Sounds like Vic Police Service’s response time is only outdone by Aus Posts 🤣 All of the coppers were busy micromanaging a pot rally.

They usually turn up but sometimes they don't. It looks like they got them because their torch was left behind. Personally I wish someone would burn it down so that the block will be cleared. They keep telling me that there is nothing of value there. I took photos yesterday of the mess and sent them to him but have got no response. I looked through the front security door and the books that were thrown there about 3 years ago at least are still on the floor. I don't care if they take anything so long as they do it quietly and don't come into my place.

When I ring police I usually tell them what is happening and finish off with, so long as they don't come to my place I won't have to shoot them. That makes them come around. We have been broken into 2 times before and I have always told my daughter that if she needs to ring the police make sure to tell them that there are firearms on the premises. They arrive very promptly, otherwise it could take hours.

Regards Axtyr.
As a former cop I can attest, regardless what is left there to take, there is always something of value, a place to squat and do drugs.

PS: Your spring sent me a post card today from Coober Pedy, it‘s doing great and wishes you were there. 1682378287459.png