Nugget Finder Evo Pays In Gold Basin Again


Your Hostess
Staff member
Gold Basin, my first ever deep wooooowaaaa deeeeeeep sounding signal, this thing was deeeeeeeep and the EVO pulled it up like it was on the surface.

Just over 1/2 ounce.... makin wages in the Basin.

Initial signal was a faint low/deep the opposite of what we find on small closer to surface stuff, it matched the profile perfectly of some of the reverse tone signals JP has demo'd on some of his training DVD's where he digs on screen deep or big nuggets. I knew it was the real thing when huge chunks of broken up flat white calichi (which underlies the area I was in and acts as a false bedrock) started coming up, you can see chunks of it in the photo.

Unlike my previous finds which were under scrub hiders, this was dead center of the open area I was on, amazed no one already heard it.