Queensland Police go metal detecting on the Gold Coast


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Wow, I don't know quite how to feel about this, as someone who feels very strongly about personal privacy, rights, and freedoms, I'm conflicted a bit. I've lived in Surfers Paradise (Surfers as the locals call it) and it was during a time in my life where I was discovering myself and I did a lot of that discovery in the clubs along Cavill Ave and other areas of Surfers... many a day my night would start at Cocktails & Dreams (now simply called ‘Cocktails’) dancing all night long only to leave when the sun was coming up to then go to a recovery party that lasted all day. Doing all this "self discovery" I can say this... NEVER in my life have I seen alcohol fueled violence like I did in Surfers then or in subsequent years when I lived in Sydney and was partying up at the cross (Kings Cross). Australia is not a gun culture, but they sure as hell make up for it with the blade. In fact so entwined in the culture is this that it goes back to this being part of their history.

All you have to do is search "Tilly Devine" to learn about the shockingly violent history of the razor in Australia, there as an entire Underbelly TV series dedicated to the razor gangs..... but I digress.

Queensland Police Service has acquired Garrett THD Pin Pointers and is doing what Americans call "stop and search/stop and frisk" but less invasive as shown in the below video. While I'm very pro freedom of rights, I'm half tempted to donate $1,000.00 worth of pin pointers for the effort. I have seen some absolutely gruesome blade work in my time and if they can shut down bikies for mingling together, I reckon this makes sense as well. Try to remember, this is Australia, they have different rules than we do, and they sure as hell have a lot more gruesome history.....

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Oh yeah, Well I ran into this women that I had never met before and she did this to me. Talk about blade work.

Bet that’s the last time you complain about the meatloaf!

Gonna start calling you Dylan and use you to sell crappy light beer. 🤣
Well I mean she was a surgeon and she did get all the cancer, but even so... I told her not to let any of my brains leak out. And she said that wasn't a problem because there was nothing in there. Cuts me like that and makes cruel jokes. She is going to make some man's life a living hell. :p