Recent prospecting trip

Jonathan Porter

The Outback Prospector
Hello, thought I’d share some gold pictures from a recent trip I did away up to Far North Queensland (Georgetown area). Was away for 2 weeks and managed 11 days detecting. Not big money by any means but fun finding it when in new country. I walked a lot of miles in hilly terrain but only one small patch which failed to sparkle. Biggest bit was a nice water worn 8 gram bit high up on a slope. Grass as always was bad in places.


Wow, how the hell did this post sneak past me without my seeing it, sorry @Jonathan Porter I just saw this today, thank you for sharing. Very impressive for 11 days!!!! Nice to hear you got away for some quality time doing what you love, for you, not for a review or a company/work related obligation.

That’s one of the things I miss from your videos is the beautiful scenery and county you explore.

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