Solve the gold nugget mysteries to find more gold - make a big find someone else has ignored.


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Another great Chris Ralph video.... Don't forget to check out his great book, here's the link:

Why are there placer fields with no lode mines and also rich lode districts with little or no placer gold? These are the placer gold mysteries we need to solve to find more gold. There are many possible answers, but which one applies in your mining district. These mysteries point out the value of exploring places that others have ignored. Solve the mysteries and you will find potential gold in all types of situations – zones of veinlets can give rise to residual placers, ancient gravels can be productive, old dredge fields may have quartz gold. Even mostly fine gold hard rock districts can have some coarse gold in the dumps. Sometimes even though no placers are known in an area, its worth checking out the hard rock gold mine dumps – not many prospectors look at them because they are forgotten and are trashy. Solve the mystery and you may make a big find someone else has ignored.