Some more from Central Victoria


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G'day all.

I ventured back out to Castlemaine and Moredeep headed out to Tarnagulla. I wanted to try something different today. I like using the 7000 in Normal but at this spot it is almost impossible. I reset it to factory defaults and changed it to Normal. My first signal got me a piece of gold about 18" away from someone else's dig. A few metres away and I had another piece.

It was a few more hours before I got my final piece. Strangely enough I was working almost all day with Audio Smoothing ON. Forgot to turn it off. I had the detector in DIFFICULT for the last piece but changed it to Normal before digging. I would not have dug it up in Normal.

Anyway, I ended up with 3 pieces for 0.26 gram. 0.06 gram, 0.09 gram and 0.11 gram.

Regards Axtyr.