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G’day everyone.

4 of us got out to the Whipstick in Bendigo for a detect on Wednesday and it was a warm day. We were in an area we had detected before but not for quite a long time. I’d found nothing when I came across a track. For some reason I had the notion that I should detect this track and immediately got a signal. With just a scratch of the surface material and it had moved and turned out to be a small piece of gold. Over the next 10 metres I got another 3 signals and they all turned out to be shotgun pellets. The hip was starting to give me some pain so I headed back to the car for a break. One of the group returned and then headed off to another gully while the rest of us headed to a different location. I managed another small piece and one of the others managed a small piece of about 0.1 gram with the 6000.

My 2 pieces weighed 0.08 gram each.

Regards Axtyr.
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The whipstick's been absolutely flogged, finding ANY gold out of there is a good day, well done. I've been out a few times this week, digging a settling pond for the trommel and found a little one, it was with the Garrett Axiom, not a 7000 though..... did take the 7 out for a few hours with the new Nugget Finde eliptical, great coil.


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It looks like a nice little piece.
Just enough to keep the hook set in the lip. LOL... this 65 acres I live on has good gold but it's VERY spotty and not a speck of flour or flake gold, I make more money selling fill dirt than I do gold. :)

Do you go out every weekend? Have you been up to Tib?

Never detected out of Victoria. I got my first detector in 1983, the Goldseekers 9000, which was pre Minelab. Then purchased the Minelab GS 15000 in 1986 and detected up until mid 1990. I didn't find much during 1986 to 90, about an ounce and a half all up. Then after checking out a property for hunting on in Talbot in 2014, I bought the SD2000 and did some work on it and some modifications. In that year I got a little under one ounce. There were too many houses around to shoot a rifle on it. Soon after I got the 5000 then shortly after that I got the 7000.

I don't go out on the weekends as there are too many people out. I used to go out twice a week from 2014 to 2016, then about once a week after that until covid struck. Now I go out if I feel up to it and the price of petrol/gasoline hasn't spiked. I am going out again on Tuesday, back to the Whipstick as Maria is at our daughter's place taking the kids to school and picking them up so I am here at home and won't disturb her when I get up at about 4:45 A.M. My son in law has had an operation for carpal tunnel and can't drive.

Hopefully I'll be able to post a nice big nugget sometime after Tuesday.

regards Axtyr.