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G’day everyone.

I had a day out all on my lonesome. Nobody wanted to play with me today. It drizzled a few times during the day but it wasn’t cold. With the recent rain in Castlemaine the ground was a bit noisy. It took a while but I finally got my first piece, then shortly after my second. After a break I resumed and finally found the third piece. Nothing big.
They weighed in at 0.11 gram, 0.19 gram and 0.06 gram. A total of 0.36 gram. I thought that last one might have been my smallest yet but it was too fat for that.

Regards Axtyr.
Sweeeeet, do you keep a plastic Woolies etc grocery bag with you to cover the 7 if rain breaks out mid detect? Always handy to have and compact when crumpled up. Nice set of nuggies, was it a patch or were they dispersed?... Those reliable little ones sure keep the hook set in the lip eh?
The nuggets were a little dispersed but in a small area where I have found a number of nuggets in the same area. Previously I have used a Bunnings poncho for the rain but I don't normally go out if it is raining. I do have Double D covers for the handle and the control box but the drizzle wasn't bad. If it gets heavy I usually head back to the car or some cover under a tree.