Unfortunately it's not mine.


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G’day everyone.

I didn’t find this one but it deserves to be shown. One member of our group went out by himself today and managed to find this beauty. It is his biggest nugget. He bought his second hand GPX5000 earlier this year after borrowing my 5000 for the past 2 years.

I was informed that it was only down about 2 inches and screamed when he put the detector over it. It was just sheer luck that he dug it as he had already found a lot of tiny rust pieces earlier. He was struggling to identify targets from ground noise but I think with his latest finds he is really getting the hang of the detector.
I will be out tomorrow hoping to find something similar but where I go I doubt there is anything that big.

Regards Axtyr.


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WOW.... what a monster... I love my 5, it's my favorite machine, I'll sell my 7 and everything I own before selling my 5, love that machine, thank you for sharing..... invite your friend to the forum...... I want more Aussies.... you have the big nuggies, making us all jelly (jealous.. LOL)